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Herbatint - Permanent Colors


Color you hair naturally with Herbatint®. • Gentle hair color • 0% Ammonia, 0% Paraben • Effective Gray Cover • Long lasting color.

Specially rich in enzymes, proteins, polysaccharides, vitamins A-C-E and mineral salts. Soothes scalp during application. Strengthens and protects the hair during application. Contributes effectively to extra conditioning action and longer lasting color.

Please click on the following Herbatint images to enlarge:

Herbatint Brown Herbatint Dark Chestnut Herbatint Ash Chestnut Herbatint - Golden Chestnut Herbatint Mohogany Chestnut
Brown - 2N Dark Chestnut - 3N Ash Chestnut - 4C Golden Chestnut - 3N Mohogany Chestnut - 3N
Herbatint Chestnut Herbatint Copper Chestnut Herbatint Light Ash Chestnut Herbatint - Light Golden Chestnut - 5D Herbatint - Light Mohogany Chestnut - 5M
Chestnut - 4N Copper Chestnut - 4R Light Ash Chestnut - 5C Light Golden Chestnut - 5D Light Mohogany Chestnut - 5M
Herbatint Light Chestnut Herbatint Light Copper Chestnut Herbatint Dark Ash Blonde - 6C Herbatint - Dark Golden Blonde - 6D Herbatint - Dark Blonde - 6N
Light Chestnut - 5N Light Copper Chestnut - 5R Dark Ash Blonde - 6C Dark Golden Blonde - 6D Dark Blonde - 6N
Herbatint Ash Blonde - 7C Herbatint Golden Blonde - 7D Herbatint Mahogany Blonde - 7M Herbatint - Blonde - 7N Herbatint - Copper Blonde - 7R
Ash Blond - 7C Golden Blonde - 7D Mahogany Blonde - 7M Blonde - 7N Copper Blonde - 7R
Light Ash Blonde - 8C Herbatint Light Golden Blonde - 8D Herbatint Light Blonde - 8N Herbatint - Light Copper Blonde - 8R Herbatint - Copper Blonde - 9DR
Light Ash Blonde - 8C Light Golden Blonde - 8D Light Blonde - 8N Light Copper Blonde - 8R Copperish Gold - 9DR
Swedish Blonde - 10C Herbatint Light Copperish Gold - 10DR
Swedish Blonde - 10C Light Copperish Gold - 10DR
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